Breguet lettres

Breguet lettres is a Swiss manufacturer dedicated to the production of metal letters, ornaments, signs and other similar products. Originally established in 1929, Breguet lettres boasts a rich corporate history and a diverse list of dedicated clients. The company’s core principles lie in manufacturing high quality products, whilst keeping up with modern developments. In that spirit, Breguet Lettres recently decided to modernize their corporate image by redesigning their logo and online store.

The new logo features a contrast of “handwritten” and linear elements represented in a warm metallic color similar to that of brass and copper ( two materials most frequently used in Breguet products) set on a green background (that was borrowed from the color of the company’s headquarters). Breguet lettres offers their clients an impressive ammount of customization when it comes to their products (different types of material, finish, relief etc). Therefore their online store needed to be clean and organized so as not to overwhelm the visitor with too much information, settings, sliders and submenus. The website was created during my employment at Allegria and developed by Dimitris Pouloutidis using Drupal.