Kelveridis is a local bakery chain dedicated to producing and serving a veritable cornucopia of traditional baked goods, pastries and deserts. Since the early 1930s, the kelveridis bakeries have transformed a choice of the healthiest, freshest ingredients into delightful culinary wonders that satisfy the belly and tantalize the taste buds. The logo has an appetizing, vintage feel that reflects the rich, long tradition of the kelveridis franchise as well the overall quality of their products. The typefont, frame and texture incorporated to the logo hopefully make it look like a timeless bakery sign, one that has been welcoming new and regular clients for over 80 years now. A variety of vintage textures and authentic photos provided by the kelveridis family were incorporated to the various brochures, cards and social media banners in order to best encapsulate the Kelveridis corporate heritage.