Locoloops is a musical website intended to function as a link between musicians, venues, event managers and music lovers. The logo showcases an animated gif of various “vinyl records” embellished with fun gimmicks that should hopefully give off a fun, musical vibe. The Locoloops “mascots” (similarly to the Locotuner mascot) are chimeras combining human bodies with vinyl records in the place of heads.

The website makes extensive use of motion in the form of gifs while different shapes and frames are used in order to divide the different types of content and users (circles for playlists, squares for venues, rectangles for events). Locoloops is a sibling website to Locotuner and features red as the main color (while Locotuner features blue). The website was developed during my employment at Allegria by Dimitris Pouloutidis using drupal.