thassos dream island

Thassos is an increasingly popular island destination located at the Northernmost side of the Aegean sea. The island offers the phenomenal beach experience of the Aegean islands and boasts a long history and culture that can be traced back to ancient Greek antiquity. While there are several websites already dedicated to Thassos, the paragons of the local communities and tourist agencies decided that they needed a website formally dedicated to promoting the island abroad.

The website features extensive maps, comprehensive historical and cultural information and short descriptions on every available tourist attraction. It also makes effective use of icons to signify points of interest and available means of transportation. The predominant colors used on the website are white and blue (the two colors most commonly associated with Greece and present in the Greek flag), while red is used to draw attention to key elements. The logo features the nostalgic form of a paper boat while the typeface used is reminiscent of the ancient Greek history of the island. The website was created during my employment at Allegria by Nikos Eglezos using worpress.